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Note: Please review, as several changes were implemented.

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Presentation Guidelines

Oral: Presentation length is 20 minutes with 5 additional minutes for questions (25 minutes in total). Presentations should be in PowerPoint, LaTeX or PDF.

Rooms will not be equipped with laptops. Presenters are responsible for bringing their own laptop or arranging for alternative means of presentation. If you will not be able to bring a laptop, the session chair(s) or the other speakers in the same session who have a laptop with them might be able to help.  Please complete the survey below to provide your presentation and biographical information (see the link near the end). In the same survey indicate whether you will be able to bring a laptop or tablet.

Speakers are encouraged to verify that their presentation works properly before the beginning of the session. A speakers’ ready room will be located at the New Orleans room (Hours: 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Friday).

Speakers are expected to check-in at the Speaker/Session Chair Check-in Desk in the registration area well ahead of their talk.  Speakers and session chairs are also expected to report to the room at least 20 minutes before the beginning of their session.  A biographical sketch should be submitted online in the survey below before Wednesday, August 26th or submitted in person to the session chairs.


Poster: Posters should be 4 feet (width) x 3 feet (height) with a landscape orientation. Posters should be mounted in the assigned location at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the session (9 am) and removed after 4 pm. Presenters are responsible for printing their own posters and mounting them at the assigned location.

Note: The first day (Wednesday), the room will open for presenters at 8 am. You will not be be able to hang posters before then.

Internet: If you are a guest at the Hyatt, and you booked your room through the room block, Internet will be provided free of charge in your room (information will be provided at check-in).  Internet in the conference area will be available for a fee, but we encourage you to leave the laptop in your room (if you are not speaking) and enjoy the presentations.

Award Winners

Best Paper Awards

  • Track 1: Craig D. Gerardi, Nathan Bremer, Darius D. Lisowski, Stephen W.
    Lomperski, “Distributed Temperature Sensor Testing in Liquid Sodium”
  • Track 2: Elia Merzari, Aleksandr Obabko, Paul Fischer, Noah Halford, Justin
    Walker, Andrew Siegel, Yiqi Yu, “Large-Scale Simulation of Nuclear Reactors:
    Issues and Perspectives”
  • Track 3: Tadas Kaliatka, Eugenijus Uspuras, Algirdas Kaliatka, “Integrated
    Assessment of Thermal Hydraulic Processes in W7-X Fusion Experimental
  • Track 4: Tarek Zaki, Peter Yarsky, “Use of White Noise in TRACE/PARCS
    Analysis of ATWS with Instability”
  • Track 5: N. Chikhi, T. Garcin, F. Foubert, P. Marc, F. Fichot, “First
    Experimental Results of Large Scale Debris Bed Reflood Tests in the PEARL
  • Track 6: Francisco I. Valentin, Narbeh Artoun, Ryan Anderson, Masahiro
    Kawaji, “Study of Abnormal Heat Transfer during Forced and Natural
    Convection Scenarios in a Prismatic Core of a VHTR: Numerical and
    Experimental Results”
  • Track 7: Kyung Mo Kim, In Guk Kim, Yeong Shin Jeong, In Cheol Bang,
    “Heat Removal Capacity of Heat Pipe Designs for In-Core Passive Decay
    Heat Removal System”

Young Professional Awards

  • Carolyn P. Coyle, “Synthesis of CRUD and its Effects on Pool and Subcooled
    Flow Boiling,” co-authored with Jacopo Buongiorno, Thomas McKrell and
    Robert Cohen
  • Nicolas Mérigoux, “Verification, Validation and Application of NEPTUNE_CFD
    to Two-Phase Pressurized Thermal Shocks,” co-authored with J. Lavieville,
    S. Mimouni, M. Guingo, C. Baudry and S. Bellet

“Excellence in Review” Mentions

  • Dr. Sofiane Benhamadouche
  • Dr. Milorad Dzodzo
  • Dr. Luis Enrique Herranz
  • Prof. Seungjin Kim

Conference Committee

Honorary Chair Prof. Y. Hassan, Texas A&M University
General Chairs Prof. M. Corradini, University of Wisconsin
Prof. H. Ninokata, Politecnico di Milano
Technical Program Chairs Prof. X. Sun, The Ohio State University
Prof. H.C. No, KAIST
Prof. N. T. Dinh, North Carolina State University
Assistant Technical Program Chairs Prof. S. Bilbao y Leon, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. E. Merzari, Argonne National Laboratory
Dr. W.D. Pointer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Steering Committee Chair Dr. M. Peters, Argonne National Laboratory
Local Organizing Committee Chair Dr. R. Klann, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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Official Program

NURETH-16 Program
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